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Here’s a list of all the music that I own on CD. I'm not a fanatical music buyer, so the collection is smallish but perfectly (er, randomly) formed. I've reviewed a fair number of the albums, and where possible I've included links to the bands’ web sites.

Music I bought in 2002

Alanis Morissette           under rug swept                       (2002)
Blondie                     Parallel Lines
Danielle Dax                Inky Bloaters
Eurythmics                  Be Yourself Tonight
Eurythmics                  Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
Garbage                     Garbage

Music I bought in 2001

All About Eve               The Best Of

Music I bought in 2000

Attrition                   The Jeopardy Maze                     (1999)
Faithful Dawn               you are here                          (1999)
Girls Under Glass           Equilibrium                           (1999)
Isabel Shrine               What a Difference a Week Makes        (1998)
Killing Miranda             Teenage Vampire  (brilliant single!)  (2000)
man(i)kin                   sem(i)nal                             (2000)
Manuskript                  I Can't Believe It's Not Goth! (EP)   (1995)
mesh                        The Point at Which it Falls Apart     (1999)
Nascissus Pool              Life's Bitch Tapestry                 (1999)
Nefilim                     Zoon                                  (1996)
Nervosa                     i'm alive (EP)                        (1998)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds   The Best Of...                        (1998)

Music I bought in 1999

All Living Fear             Into the Light                        (1999)
Annie Lennox                Diva                                  (1992)
Apoptygma Berzerk           7                                     (1996)
Apoptygma Berzerk           Soli Deo Gloria                       (1993)
Black Tape for a Blue Girl  As one aflame laid bare by desire     (1999)
Blondie                     Blondie                               (1976)
Corpus Delicti              Obsessions                            (1995)
Danse Society               Heaven is Waiting                     (1984)
Dead Can Dance              Dead Can Dance                        (1984)
Dead Can Dance              The Serpent’s Egg                     (1988)
Faithful Dawn               I am Nothing (EP)                     (1998)
Fields of the Nephilim      Dawnrazor                             (1987)
Garbage                     Version 2.0                           (1998)
Killing Miranda             Burn Sinister (EP)                    (1998)
Killing Miranda             Blessed Deviant                       (1999)
The Merry Thoughts          Psychocult (A Blueprint)              (1996)
Nekromantik                 Dress it up in Monochrome (EP)        (1998)
Nekromantik                 Fairy Catcher                         (1998)
Sheep On Drugs              ...On Drugs                           (1994)
Suspiria                    Primitive Attentions                  (1997)
Switchblade Symphony        Serpentine Gallery                    (1995)

Music I bought in 1998

Music I bought in 1997

David Bowie                 Best of... 1969/1974                  (1997)
Rosetta Stone               Hiding in Waiting                     (1996)
Rosetta Stone               Epitome EP                            (1993)
Rosetta Stone               An Eye for the Main Chance
Dead Can Dance              Spleen and Ideal                      (1985)
Rosetta Stone               Tyranny of Inaction                   (1995)
The Mission                 Children                              (1988)
The Mission                 Sum and Substance                     (1994)
Inkubus Sukkubus            Belladonna & Aconite
Children on Stun            Mondo Weird                           (1997)

Music I bought in 1996

Bauhaus                     Burning from the Inside               (1983)
Skunk Anansie               Paranoid & Sunburnt                   (1995)
The Velvet Underground & Nico                                     (1967)
Alanis Morissette           Jagged Little Pill                    (1995)
Dead Can Dance              Into the Labyrinth                    (1993)
Bauhaus                     Press The Eject and Give Me the Tape  (1982)

Music I bought in 1995

Nirvana                     Nevermind                             (1991)
The Sisters of Mercy        Some Girls Wander by Mistake          (1992)
The Sisters of Mercy        First and Last and Always             (1985)
The Sisters of Mercy        Vision Thing                          (1990)
The Cult                    Pure Cult                             (1993)
Dead Can Dance              Within the Realm of a Dying Sun       (1987)
Dead Can Dance              Aion                                  (1990)

Music I bought in 1994

The Sisters of Mercy        Floodland                             (1987)
The The                     Infected                              (1986)
The Sex Pistols             Never Mind the Bollocks               (1977)
Deep Purple                 Deepest Purple                        (1980)
Joy Division                Unknown Pleasures                     (1979)

See them shimmy, see them go...

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