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dead can dance : within the realm of a dying sun

I've loved Dead Can Dance for ages. The chilling intro to this album is one of the best pieces of atmospheric music anywhere. I ran a (roleplaying) game of Call of Cthulhu back in college, and Quin or Jane would always play this album, on good old-fashioned vinyl, to set the scene. It still scares me!

I bought it on tape many years ago (in St. Neot's of all places), and then lost it. I think I lent it to someone and they forgot to return it. Shows how good it is. When I got a CD player, it was an ideal opportunity to repurchase my lost album.

"Within the Realm of a Dying Sun" contains a fairly typical mix of dark gothic tunes and folksy and ethnic stuff. The Arabic-style music is particularly well done.

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