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My Excuse, and I’m Sticking to it.

When I started creating the “Calvino” website, I strove to avoid the sort of self-indulgent nonsense that I saw on many a personal home page. You know the sort of thing,

“I can’t think of anything to put on my web-site, but here’s a picture of my cat.”

This set of web pages, which I have pretentiously and nonsensically labelled “The Crypt”, is just such an exercise in self-indulgence. Why?

Well, as more and more people use the web, more and more people actually have pages like this. I find myself meeting people, and then visiting their web-site to find out more about them. Personal home pages are becoming a sort of electronic version of the “card” that Victorians would use to introduce themselves. Content is secondary to this function. Even if a personal home page just contains a photo and a set of links, then it still tells you something about the owner.

So, Without Further Ado...

Hello, my name is Alex Tingle and here is a photograph of my cats!

I was born in 1969, the year two men landed on the Moon, and 475,000 US troops fought in Vietnam. I live in Harrow with my wife Hilde and our two cats, Freya and Sif. I work at Broner Metals Ltd, who make planning and scheduling software for the metals industry. Hilde is a freelance professional translator and teacher.

More about me...

  the black?
  What’s with the black clothes?
what else?
So, what else are you into?
Are you obsessed with death?
I can't recommend it.
It works for me.
Will you ever have children?
If you need to ask... you don't want to know!

All I need is right here right now...

I am "Normal" Alex.

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