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  Doing business with the Netherlands or Flanders?
Friends or family in the Low Countries?
Would you like to learn their language?

You may answer ‘yes’ to at least two of these questions, but feel that you don’t have enough time to regularly go to a class. The answer is a flexible course that is tailored to your personal needs and that fits in with your schedule. It is taught by a qualified native speaker with years of experience teaching one-to-one courses. For £30 per hour you get:
* a professional but lively language course
* the undivided attention of your teacher
* homework set and corrected for every session
* advice on how to organise your work and which learning strategies to use
* a course book with exercise book and audio tape

Click here for key details of example courses: Three Month Basic Fluency, One Week Intensive.

Call +44-20-8933-9811 or e-mail Hilde Liesens to discuss your needs.

some people get by
with a little understanding
some people get by
with a whole lot more...

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