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merry thoughts : millennium done I - empire songs

I first heard of the Merry Thoughts when they were described as "more like the Sisters of Mercy than the Sisters of Mercy".

"This I have to see", I thought to myself. It's true that they are very trad goth. If the four basic elements of "gothic" music are, driving baseline, jangly guitars, tribal drumming and singing in a silly deep voice; then the Merry Thoughts have all four, while the Sisters only had three of the four. (The Sisters don't have tribal drumming.)

So it is a cliched sound, but they do it very well. My particular favourite from this album is "Pale Empress", a fine example of the traditional gothic song.

The album contains a few hidden tracks. One of them has a haunting ambient sound that's reminicent of Dead Can Dance. It's a big contrast with the rest of the album, and I like it.

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