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rosetta stone : hiding in waiting

Enthused by "Tyranny of Inaction", I set out to find more Rosetta Stone. I ended up buying "Hiding in Waiting", "Epitome" and "An Eye for the Main Chance" all on the same day.

Hiding in Waiting is really an album-length EP. It's only got two new original tracks on it "Hiding in Waiting [carrier]" and "Hiding in Waiting [receiver]". The rest of the album is re-recorded old stuff or covers, but I'll come to that.

The new tracks are brilliant. Less of the 'industrial' influence, more electro gothic-rock. I suspect that it was an attempt to produce good gothic music that would translate into the mainstream too. Tough luck eh? I think the band's just too pigeonholed to break into the mainstream on the grounds of good music alone - it'd need a shift in mainstream opinion or a wholesale shedding of the 'gothic' label. I suspect that's what the band thinks too, judging by their increasing (apparent) disillusionment with their chosen vocation.

I think the rot set in with this release. It's fabulous stuff, but there's way too little original material.

"96.6 Before Dawn" is an updated version of an old Rosetta Stone track, and it's my favourite song of theirs. It's got the raw, punchy industrial sound that characterised "Tyranny of Inaction", but it's even better yet.

The rest of the EP is filled out with (exceptionally good) covers. "Venus in Furs" stands out; but covers are... well they're only covers.

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