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attrition - the jeopardy maze

Who buys this stuff??

Well, I suppose the answer to that question is ‘me’. I may have bought this one, but I won’t be buying any more of their albums. It’s a bizarre mix of dreamy instrumental music, plinky-plinky synths and (sometimes) a trance-like baseline. Male vocals are deep and whispery; female vocals sound a bit like a ‘flying saucer’ sound effect from an Ed Wood film!

It’s not unpleasant. But... what’s the point?

The strange thing is that I bought the album on the strength of their live act. Attrition’s live sound is pretty good. Electronic certainly, but that’s no bad thing. They have an updated-80’s sort of sound. They wore sunglasses on stage! They were pretty good!

What amazes me is that this band have been going for nearly twenty years. The Jeopardy Maze sounds like the feeble first album of a “bedroom” band. The Cheeky Monkey catalogue says that “this band... are huge in Europe, but still underexposed in the UK.” Hmmm.


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