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killing miranda - teenage vampire

This single is absolutely wonderful. Buy it now.

Killing Miranda are on top form with this release. It’s only a single, but it is sooooo good. After a somewhat disappointing first album, the full band have taken the opportunity of being in a proper recording studio to show what they can really do.

It’s not just the driving rhythms and heavyweight guitars combined with a catchy melody and tuneful singing that mark them out for special mention! The lyrics and delivery are full of an exuberant, self-deprecating humour. KM don’t take themselves too seriously, and they obviously have a lot of fun.

Unfortunately I was too tired and ill to go to the ‘launch party ’ (gig) for this single; but I wish the band every success. They certainly deserve it. Did I mention that you should go out and buy this single? Do it now, without delay. Apparently you can find it at a record shop near you.

Who knows, if they earn enough money from this maybe they’ll be able to afford a whole album’s worth of studio time... and a whole album of songs this good would be fantastic!

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