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killing miranda : blessed deviant

The new album by Killing Miranda!! Yay! Well it wasn't all that "yay", at least not at first...

I was hugely impressed by the band's first EP, and so the album was keenly awaited. One of the things that really stood out for me about the "Burn Sinister" EP was the crisp, polished sound. The melodies had a crystal clarity, which perfectly rounded out the raw guitar sound. "Blessed Deviant" lacks this clarity. The first time I played it, I played it quietly (Hilde was asleep in the next room), and the melodies were lost amid all of the grunginess.

At first I thought I just didn't like it. But I stuck to it, and turned up the volume a bit the next time. Ah ha! The keyboards were still there, underneath it all. Once I found the hook lines, I started to get into it. They still sounded better live though - I remember dancing away to tracks like "Whipping Boy" back in Wickham, and thinking that they were amazingly clever to get such a good live sound. I always assumed that it was much easier to sound good in the studio, so I'm confused as to why they don't. I can only assume that it was a deliberate decision to grunge the sound up a bit.

Anyway, enough whinging... the songs are fabulous. Well written, well put together, catchy, danceable. The lyrics are mostly challenging and interesting. (Except, I don't like the sample that refers to Satanism - it makes me think of Marilyn Manson).

I hope they're making some good money out of it. Most people I know already have a copy. If that pattern's repeated, then at least they'll all have a bit more beer money than before. And as we all know, a Goth with beer is a happy Goth. And a happy Goth, is a Goth who's going to bring out a SECOND ALBUM?? Please?

Oh yes, and I damn well hope that their next CD has a track called "Blessed Deviant". A bizarre precedent is one that should always be followed.

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