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killing miranda : burn sinister

EP from fresh new band Killing Miranda. Somehow, word of this band leaked into my consciousness from somewhere in 1998. It was probably the excellent title of this EP which really made them stick in my mind. I had actually picked up this EP in the second hand record shop in Kensington Market, only to discard it for something else (more Dead Can Dance?).

Early 1999 and the prospect of seeing them live in High Wycombe (!) made me go and buy the CD. I didn't want to waste my time travelling to Wycombe if they were going to suck!

When I got home and played it, "Burn Sinister" just blew me away. They are without doubt the best new band I've head in ages. An energetic, guitar based sound with driving keyboards and lyrics, which just makes me want to get up and dance whenever I hear it. Tunes are catchy enough to lock in my head and not come out for days.

The EP is 25 minutes long and has four tracks. I can quite happily put the whole thing on repeat play and listen to it for hours on end. A very good sign.

So naturally, I did go and see them live; and their live sound is pretty damn good. They played a fair number of songs from their new (then unreleased) album, and even though I'd never heard them before, they had me dancing. The act was so good that I bought a T-shirt, something that I will only do if I'm really impressed by the performance.

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