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all living fear : into the light

This is melodic, dreamy guitar rock. It features mellow male vocals and (sometimes) a strummy acoustic guitar. There is no way on Earth you could describe it as Goth. All Living Fear seem to be another example of Goths making non Goth music. That's OK. They're allowed to do it of course.

It's very well done I suppose. But it's a bit middle of the road for me. It reminds me of Wishbone Ash (who for me almost define the sound of 70s guitar rock) or even The Eagles. Why is anyone making music like this in 1999? Aren't we all supposed to be dressing in tight silver costumes, living in space colonies and listening to Jean Michelle Jarre?

That said, it gets more interesting towards the end. I quite like "Flaming Heart"... punchy guitars, grungier vocals and a few surprising shifts of direction.

All in all though, a bit uninspiring.

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