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black tape for a blue girl - as one aflame laid bare by desire

This album is pretentious bollocks. Don’t take it from me - here's the cover blurb:

“black tape for a blue girl returns - refined, elegant, gracefully exquisite. This new work reveals songs of melodic beauty and striking musical embellishments underlying poignant layered vocals from Oscar Herrera, Julianna Towns and lyricist/songwriter Sam Rosenthal. The words beg the unasked question of the deeper self: What passion can this momentary glimpse reveal within us? What spark can be ignited to fuel a million possible outcomes? This emotional apotheosis is adorned by the lament of Vicki Richards' violin and the bittersweet flute of Lisa Feuer, as desire forms the catalyst for transition.”

Phew! Two twenty-six word sentences in a single paragraph! And what does it all mean? Your guess is as good as mine.

My verdict; dull elevator musak.

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