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The original Blondie album, and it's fabulous. I already have a couple of bootlegged Blondie compilations; this is my first paid-for album. I found it in "Jamming with Edward", a second-hand CD shop in Harrow.

What can I say about this album that you won't already know? It's Blondie, so it's got attitude, punchy lyrics, great melodies. Songs like "X Offender", "In The Flesh" and "Rip Her To Shreds" are probably well known to everyone (you'd know them if you heard them, even if you don't recognise the title). Some of the other songs are a bit more quirky... the band seems not to have quite settled on their distinctive style. I'm sure I can hear some very 70s guitar riffs in amongst it all.

For me, it's the attitude that makes Blondie. Debbie Harry just sticks two fingers up at convention and sensibility. My favourite track on the album is "The Attack Of The Giant Ants". I'd not heard it before, and it always makes me smile. The music and vocals are so happy and bouncy, but the lyrics are full of horror and destruction... What a brilliant contrast!

  Mankind is destroyed,
Sprinkled in the void.
Laa la laa la-la-la!

Giant ants from space,
Waste the human race.
Then they eat your face,
Never leave a trace.
Laa la laa la-la-la!

(from "The Attack Of The Giant Ants")

Undead undead undead...

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