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faithful dawn : i am nothing

EP single from this bouncy, poppy, 'darkwave' band. I quite like their music. It's dancy and fun and inoffensive. I have a hard time labelling it as Goth, even though they're on the Darkbeat label. If you're into 'CandyGoth' then go buy.

I fail to understand why bands like this associate themselves with Goth. I'm sure they could be more successful by avoiding the label. By all accounts, the word 'Goth' is a music industry blink-tag. If you sneaked naked into a record executive's office, and steal all of his pencils... you'd never be noticed, provided you were wearing around your neck a big sign which said 'GOTH!'

So why do Faithful Dawn not run screaming from the Goth label? Perhaps it's the sub-culture. This place is home for them, and they like it that way. The surprising thing is, they do fit in.

Undead undead undead...

I am "Normal" Alex.

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