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danse society - heaven is waiting

Danse Society are an early eighties band who were influential on later Goth music such as middle period Sisters, Mission etc.

This album is nicely done, evocative guitar rock with male vocals. The strong bass-line of later goth music is there, as are the dirge-like lyrics. Thankfully there’s none of the growling sub-Eldrich singing that tainted so much of what was to follow.

So, they had a interesting sound and often used clever instrumental effects. The trouble is, it never really seems to get going. Despite the name of the band, there isn’t much to dance to here. I suppose that it’s mystic hand-jive music... Yes, I can imagine it playing in a smoke-filled room, mysterious figures looming out of the semi-darkness, slowly weaving significant patterns in the air. Personally, I can’t keep that up for longer than about ten minutes. I prefer more aerobic entertainment.

Danse Society just don’t have good tunes. The rhythm and atmosphere are there, but there is no melody to carry it. Occasionally a tune will half-surface (Red Light (Shine)) and for a moment I start to enjoy it. But it never lasts for long.

All in all, I’m afraid this album will be living at the bottom of a drawer, rarely to see the light of day.

It’s so very lonely...

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