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sisters of mercy : visions at the forum

I've seen the Sisters live several times. In recent years I've always thought their live sound has been utterly rubbish. Eldritch is a lazy bastard who just can't be bothered to give his fans a decent performance.

The concert at the Forum, Kentish Town in February 1998 was different. They played very, very well. Eldritch'd been trying to escape from a recording contract for years, and apparently he'd just managed it. So perhaps he was feeling in a good mood. (Hardly seems possible really.) Or alternatively there were rumours that he intended to put out a new single/album (?), and was thus trying to drum up a bit of interest in the fan base. He obviously wasn't in that good a mood, as he was in top "slagging off goths and the NME" form all evening. How we laughed!

The concert was so good that I thought this bootleg CD would be worth a look. Happy memories! However, it isn't. It sounds like it was recorded from inside the toilets. Ho hum!

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