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switchblade symphony : serpentine gallery

Switchblade Symphony played Whitby this year. I didn't go, but all of my friends came back raving about them. So, I went down to Resurrection Records in Camden looking for an album, and I found three. Knowing nothing about them, I asked the nice assistant which she recommended. She took one look at me and handed me 'Serpentine Gallery'..."This is their most Goth sounding album", she said. Hmmm...

Switchblade Symphony are American. I wonder if they realise that the Serpentine Gallery is just an art galley here in London. Anyway, this is their first album I think. As the lady in the shop said, it's very Goth. Their later stuff is more electro dancey, I believe.

The sound is dark and moody. There are strong female vocals, backed up by some nice synth work. I don't think they have a real drummer, which is a shame, because this is the sort of music that could use a touch of human rhythm. The tunes are OK, but I haven't found myself humming any of them. There are no tracks that really work on the dancefloor.

I quite like the album, but I don't think I'll ever love it. It just lacks something.

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