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nekromantik : fairy catcher

This album is brilliant. Really, really intense; in your face; high energy danceable techno goth.

The sound is raw and uncompromising. Every track speeds along, synths and noise rattling out a jangling, dischordant melange of sound. Martin's voice is strong and deep. The driving melodies are sometime drowned by the waves of noise, but they are there. In fact the melodies make this album - once you get to know them, they are strong and catchy. They bind together the dischordant synth-noise and the deep, depressing vocals into something that... works.

I hated this album when I first heard it. I couldn't see past the superficial unpleasantness to the gem that lay within. In my mind, the tracks just merged together into an amorphous mass of noise. But then I started to listen to just one track at a time, and the melody and rhythm began to shine through.

It's a real shame that the two Goths who comprised Nekromantik had a disagreement early in 1999. The band is no more, but hopefully something will rise from the ashes.

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