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bauhaus : press the eject and give me the tape

I bought this album because it has "Bela Lugosi's Dead" on it. Plain and simple. I love the film "The Hunger", and Bela is played over the opening credits. The movie was on TV and it reminded me just how much I loved it. So I went out and bought the movie on video and watched it several times. This then in turn exposed me to "Bela". It wasn't that I didn't know the song before, but I'd never really listened to it before. Anyway, the rest is history. Virgin took my 14.99 (or whatever) and I was the proud owner of this album.

Here are the Lyrics to Bela Lugosi's Dead...
(Originally this song was intended as a bit of a piss-take, so don't take it too seriously!)

  White on white
translucent black capes
back on the rack.
Bela Lugosi's dead.
The bats have left the bell tower,
the victims have been bled,
red velvet lines the black box.

Bela Lugosi's dead.
Undead Undead Undead.

The virginal brides
file past his tomb,
strewn with time's dead flowers,
bereft in deathly bloom,
alone in a darkened room
the count.

Bela Lugosi's dead.
Undead Undead Undead.

Oh Bela, Bela's undead.

Undead undead undead...

I am "Normal" Alex.

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