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the velvet underground & nico

  " is an assemblage that actually vibrates with menace, cynicism and perversion. To experience it is to be brutalized..."
- Chicago Daily News

I'm not sure I agree with this review snippet, but it's kinda cool isn't it? I bet Andy Warhol and Lou Reed were pleased as punch!

There are a few top tunes on this album, notably "Venus in Furs" and "Heroin". But in truth I think the main impact back in 1967 was in the bleak, depressing lyrics set to nice, twee, plinky-plinky music. I bet the middle classes were all sucking-in their breath in disapproving unison. These days I think we're all a bit more jaded, so the plinky-plinky music is just irritating.

I like this album, but I can't listen to it for too long before I crack and put on something else.

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