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Gazetteer : Colchis

Colchis (OI-0406, B676898-9) was colonised from nearby New Home, and later from Amondiage. Many of the colonists from New Home were of Asian descent and followed the “Wheel of Life” religion. Strife between the French-speaking Catholics from Amondiage, English-speaking Calvinists from New Home and the Wheelies has tarnished Colchis’ history. Today, Colchis is an important, though underdeveloped world. There remain great differences between the world’s various communities.


Asteroid Belt -
Gravity 0.7
Atmosphere Tainted. (sulphur compounds, ozone and nitrogen oxide)
A filter mask is required
Oceans 62% water
Climate Warm: 19..32°C
Day Length 96 hours
Year Length 46.7 days


Population 500m
Language English & French
Religion Christian & Wheel of Life
There is much religious strife on Colchis. Christians are split between French-speaking Roman Catholics and English-speaking Calvinists. The small Wheelie minority is despised by both Christian communities.
Government Impersonal Bureaucracy.
The civil service runs the planet without reference to the wishes of the divided population. An elaborate set of multiple jurisdictions and assessment agencies ensure that government departments administer the law without regard for the wishes of the governed. Bureaucrats shown to be corrupt or partial are instantly dismissed, and often imprisoned.
This strange system was introduced in order to combat endemic corruption and factional bias.
Capital Perth
Tourist Sights Colchis has many fine examples of stone-circles, constructed by extremist Wheelie cults. Ancient Wheelies believed that these monuments could focus telluric or spiritual energies. Some of these sites are still used for their original purpose by reclusive cults.
Exports Luxury goods, food


Exploration ship -
Exploration date -
Colonised from New Home
Colony ship Outward Bound
Colony date 4814AD

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