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History - The Islands Clusters

Some of the Clusters' worlds were colonised over a thousand years before the "present day". Most of that time was spent isolated in a vast lonely universe. Decades of slower-than-light travel separated even the closest of neighbours. How did these scattered communities grow from tiny struggling colonies on alien worlds, to rich and powerful societies mostly governed by deranged autocrats?


The origins of the Islands Clusters, as described in 'Trillion Credit Squadron' (Traveller, Adventure 5).


Colonised by Voyageur in 4518AD, the history of this francophone world is dominated by its nomadic culture.


Originally New Home's slave world, Colchis has developed into a diverse and fractious society.


Colonised by Marinus van der Lubbe in 4516AD, Neubayern is the only world in the Clusters to suffer a full-scale nuclear war.

New Colchis

New Colchis' development has been profoudly affected by its people's belief in reincarnation.

New Home

New Home was the first world in the Clusters to be colonised from Earth.


The water world presented its early colonists with unique challenges.

Serendip Belt

Colonised by the crews of the colony ships, the Belt is infamous for its early attempt to conquer its neighbours.

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