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Gazetteer : Elysée

Elysée (NI-0705, B522532-9) is a major trade hub between the Old and New Islands’. Elysée was colonised by the survivors of the solar flare at Besançon. It is the only officially Islamic world in the Clusters.


Asteroid Belt -
Gravity 0.6
Atmosphere Very thin, tainted. Oxygen tanks are required.
Oceans Ice cap
Climate Hot desert
Day Length 47 hours
Year Length 2.1 years
Flora No native flora.
Some grasses have been genetically engineered to survive in Elysée’s harsh environment.
Fauna None


Population 720,000
(includes 150,000 recent immigrants, mostly Crew)
Language French
Religion Islam
Law Level The ‘Royal Guard’ keep the peace, and often directly mete out an arbitrary justice. However they only deal with the most serious threats to life or property.
Islamic areas away from the starport are subject to a version of the Sharia law, unofficially administered by local clerics. Fortunately, foreigners are usually considered exempt from the Sharia; although the decadent or uncouth are made to feel most unwelcome.
Government The Kassim family rule. Muslim clerics have considerable powers to punish offenders against Sharia law.
Capital El Deheb
Exports Starship fuels
Imports Food, manufactured goods, luxury goods.
Industries Elysée is an important trade hub between New Colchis, Neubayern and New Home. Its huge starport generates over 90% of the GNP. Warehousing of both data and physical goods; speculative trade.


Exploration ship C-Jammer
Exploration date 4603AD
Colonised from Besançon
Colony ship n/a

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