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Gazetteer : Zuflucht

Zuflucht (NI-0101, C445720-8) was settled by refugees from a civil war on Topas; the colony slowboat Voyageur happened to arrive in system looking for colonists just as the war was ending. Today, the world still retains an anarchic feel. This is a world at the very edge of the Clusters, the Great Rift fills its night sky and it is clear that this is an outpost at the very frontiers of civilization.
Zuflucht has few visitors and little trade. It’s people are fiercely independent, and only cooperate with each other when absolutely necessary. Surprisingly perhaps, this is a peaceful and fairly prosperous world, where crime is uncommon and doors are regularly left unlocked.


Asteroid Belt -
Gravity 0.4
Atmosphere Tainted
Oceans 53% water


Population 83m
Language German
Religion Christian (Protestant)
Law Level There is no standard legal framework, or enforcement authority.
Local civic assemblies arbitrate serious disputes on a case by case basis. Malefactors are expelled from the community, and sometimes hunted down by bounty hunters in the pay of their victims.
Government The Executive Council is selected by the people to govern day to day affairs. Adolf Hansson is the current Speaker. Legislative power rests directly with the people through a highly popular participating democracy.


Exploration ship -
Exploration date -
Colonised from Topas
Colony ship Voyageur
Colony date 5421AD

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