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Gazetteer : Besançon

Besançon (NI-0706, C411341-9) was a thriving young colony until a solar flare rendered the world uninhabitable a few hundred years ago. Some of the few survivors struggled their way to Elysée, the descendants of the remainder still eke out a precarious existence amid the ruins of their forebears.


Asteroid Belt -
Gravity 0.6
Atmosphere Trace. A fully pressurised suit is required
Oceans Ice cap
Climate -
Day Length 29 hours
Year Length 312 days
Flora Some algae and lichen
Fauna None


Population 7400
Language French
Religion Universal Spirituality
Law Level Each neighbourhood elects its own ‘Guardian’ who ensures that no one endangers the communal life-support systems. The Guardian will attempt to mediate in disputes, but will often fail to prevent their resolution by more violent means.
Government Elected council
Capital -
Tourist Sights The dusty ruins of Old Besançon are a fascinating relic. Millions of colonists died when the Sun went nova, burning away most of the planet’s atmosphere. It is not hard to find a local guide who will take visitors to tour some of the ruins. The gaunt remains of whole towns and cities seem frozen in the harsh blue light.
A guide will cost Cr200 per day. Vacc-suit hire costs Cr50 per day.
Exports -
Imports -
Industries Some tourism. A small number of disreputable free traders are based here. Off-world authorities occasionally accuse Besançon of harbouring pirates.
Small lots of cargo may be sold here with no formalities and no questions asked, although a substantial mark-down can be expected. It is possible to find engineers willing to perform a starship annual maintenance with no questions asked, for double the usual cost and time.


Exploration ship C-Jammer
Exploration date 4621AD
Colonised from Joyeuse
Colony ship Vanderveken

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