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Gazetteer : Topas

Topas (NI-0702, D120899-5) is a tiny desert world with only a thin wisp of atmosphere. Despite this, her people have prospered and grown relatively numerous. Topas’ technical capabilities are very poor, a number of ingenious low tech solutions to the problems of living on a thin atmosphere world have sufficed since the earliest days of the colony’s history.
Topas was the site of the final battle in the war against the Belters. The Belt’s occupation was arrogant and brutal. There is little love lost between the two people’s, even after a century.
Today, Topas lies at a crucial point on the trade routes from Serendip Belt to the Old Islands. It is also famous for it’s great publishing houses and information bureaux. The independence and quality of Topas journalism, is acknowleged throughout the Clusters.


Asteroid Belt -
Gravity 0.3
Atmosphere Very thin, tainted.
Most buildings are of massive construction, with pressure pumps to maintain breathable air inside.
Oceans 1% water
Climate Desert. The equatorial zones are too hot for humans, whilst temperatures at the poles can be low enough to freeze nitrogen.
Flora There is very little carbon dioxide in Topas’ air. Plants absorb carbon in the form of charcoal from the soil, and solid carbon dioxide where it freezes near to the poles.
Fauna Topas has a great deal of fauna for such an inhospitable world. Most creatures are cold blooded and have exoskeletons, much like Earth insects or arachnids.


Population 242m
Language German
Religion Christian (Protestant)
Government Civil Service run government.
The Senate of the Federation of Topas is the sovereign authority, but it rarely meets and wields little real power. The governing committee of civil servants is called the “Roundhouse”, after the building in which they meet.
Capital Cusp
Exports Information, ores, precious minerals
Imports Food, manufactured goods
Industries Publishing, mining


Exploration ship Marianus van der Lubbe
Exploration date 4606AD
Colonised from Neubayern
Colony ship Voyageur
Colony date 4933AD

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