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Gazetteer : Serendip Belt

Serendip Belt (NI-0503, A000959-C) is the centre of the strange yet sophisticated space-faring Crew culture which originally developed during the long journey from Earth. Crew have their own language and a distinct religion; the Universal Spirituality. Although the Serendip system boasts one marginally habitable world, the vast majority of people live aboard vast space habitats and miniworlds.
Although each habitat is officially independent, a corporation (the “Serendip Belt Corporation”) is so powerful that it essentially governs the whole system. The Belt is an important source of mineral wealth and manufactured goods. Its merchants and corporations are important participants in every marketplace in the Clusters.


Asteroid Belt The Serendip system contains two heavily populated asteroid belts, and a number of marginal worlds.
Gravity -
Atmosphere -
Oceans -
Climate -
Day Length -
Year Length -
Flora -
Fauna -


Population 1,840m
Language Crew
Religion None
Government The Belt officially consists of dozens of independent jurisdictions. However, the vast majority of them pay the Serendip Belt Corporation to perform defence and foreign-relations functions on their behalf. The Corporation is immensely powerful, and effectively governs the Belt for the benefit of its shareholders.
Capital C-Jammer
Tourist Sights The C-Jammer itself - the only colony slowboat open to the public.
Exports Jump drives, lifesystems, vacc-suits, ores, specialist metals, weapon systems
Imports Petrochemicals, wood, food, raw data, components.
Industries Manufacturing, bulk mineral extraction and processing


Exploration ship -
Exploration date -
Colonised from (Earth)
Colony ship Marianus van der Lubbe
Colony date 4665AD

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