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Serendip Belt fleet

Serious doubts have been raised as to the efficiency of the Serendip Belt Navy following the leaking last year of documents which displayed the alarmingly low threshold before the use of the so called "X-bomb", which is quite blatantly a Planet Buster despite the Remote Sensing Drone designation. As one source who, asked not to be named, commented "just because they live in an asteroid belt, doesn't mean the rest of us want to". In addition, it would appear that there is an internal power struggle between the Navy and the Marine Corps, the former being most reluctant to disclose the exact number of fighters at it's disposal, whilst the later seem overly keen to have their ground vehicles classified as spacecraft, the "Spiney Norman" would appear to be a prime example of this.

The strength of the navy would appear to be evenly divided between the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Fleets with the miscellaneous vessels allocated to the 4th Fleet (Auxiliary Reserve).

Electron class destroyers.
[courtesy Serendip Belt Corp.]

3NightingaleHospital ShipG7011E3-001100-00000AG=0
45Long IslandScoutB6323F2-491100-08000AG=0
30Long Island BCargo TransportB6323F2-491100-08000AG=0
45X-bombRemote Sensing DroneK8011E0-000000-00000AG=1
1734Spiney NormanRecon Probe0606601-400000-00000 (autocannon)AG=6

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