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Gazetteer : Amondiage

Amondiage (OI-0705, A5629A9-C) was amongst the first of the Clusters’ worlds to be colonised. The world is famous for its proud migratory nomads, and the hot spices produced from its vast jungles. Today, the Empire of Amondiage stands as one of the Clusters’ Great Powers.


Asteroid Belt -
Gravity 0.6
Atmosphere Good
Oceans 24% water
Climate Summer in the polar regions: 8..36°C
Winter in the temperate regions: -5..13°C
Equatorial jungles are always too hot for humans. No part of the planet is habitable all year round.
Day Length 38 hours
Year Length 8 years
Flora Grasslands, forests, jungles
Fauna The dominant native live is scaly and reptilian in appearance, yet warm-blooded. There is a profusion of flying creatures. Many animals hibernate in the harsh summer or winter; or they migrate.


Population 2,360m
(includes 920m Nomads)
Language French
Religion Christian (Roman Catholic)
The Neo-Pope is the head of the Clusters’ Roman Catholic Church. The Pope resides in the New Vatican, near the centre of the city of Mont Jean.
Law Level Cities are tightly controlled, although without excessive infringement of personal freedoms.
Outlying and Nomad areas are far more lightly policed. There is some banditry and piracy, especially in the relatively backward Southern hemisphere.
Government The Empire of Amondiage
L’Empreur Richelieu wields considerable executive and legislative power. However, the élitist planetary bureaucracy hold an effective veto over new legislation. The judiciary is strong and independent.
Capital New Paris
Exports Vehicles, drive systems, pharmaceuticals, spices.
Imports Polymers, petrochemicals, electrical equipment, fresh fruit and vegetables.
Industries Manufacturing, gravitic engineering, agriculture


Exploration ship -
Exploration date -
Colonised from Earth
Colony ship Voyageur
Colony date 4518AD

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