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Amondiage fleet

The Amondiage Navy is organised into three fleets. The frontline 'Main Fleet' with the flagship Bretagne; the smaller 'Acadie Squadron' which is an understrength fleet which is charged chiefly with the defence of the Amondiage vassal world of Acadie; and the reserve 'Home Fleet', which consists of older vessels, bolstered with substantial amounts of the newest equipment.

Many experts have questioned the wisdom of the Amondiage fleet architects, citing the conventional strategy of building large quantities of smaller ships which has been largely ignored by the Imperial Navy in favour of substantial quantities of capital ships. However the political impact of this policy is undeniable.

The 'Loki' class has recently been redesignated as a 'deterrent vessel'.

Amondiage 'Drum' Class Tanker.

3 Bretagne Battleship BA-N2356F3-99[190]1100-8[80]00C9[20]-0 AG=4
18 Mont Blanc Cruiser Tender TF-R7311F4-001100-00000-0 AG=0
130 Formidable Battlerider CL-K1069F3-79[50]1100-8[10]00C9[7]-0 AG=4
110 Jeanne d'Arc Destroyer DD-J2637F3-501100-80009[8]-0 AG=6
100 Insurgent Missile Frigate FM-A4334F2-C8[7]0000-00009-0 AG=3
20 Sapir Fleet Courier SF-32333F1-000000-00000-0 AG=1
178 Fantasque Fast Frigate FF-A4267F2-000000-00009-0 AG=6
82 Drum Tanker TF-L6211E3-000000-00000-0 AG=0
25 Loki Planetbuster XS-M9223F3-901100-00000-0 AG=2

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