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Gazetteer : New Home

New Home (OI-0305, A565857-D) was the first world to be settled by the ESA Long Range Colony Mission. Blessed with a temperate climate, fertile soil and benign fauna, the New Home colony flourished from the beginning. Today, it is the richest of all of the Clusters’ worlds. Despite its relatively low population, New Home’s unsurpassed technological achievements confirm its place amongst the Great Powers.


Asteroid Belt -
Gravity 0.7
Atmosphere Good
Oceans 53% water
Climate Temperate: 13..25°C
Day Length 24 hours
Year Length 648 days
Flora Temperate Forests, Rainforests, grassland.


Population 350m
Language English
Religion Christianity (Anglican, Calvinist)
There is a tiny minority who follow the Wheel of Life. The Wheelie religion originated on New Home.
Law Level New Homers’ right to live unmolested by government is enshrined in a number of statutes, some dating back to the earliest days of the Colony’s history.
There are no compulsory identity cards, and most areas of public life are entirely unregulated. Surveillance cameras are forbidden in all public areas. Nevertheless, New Home is a civilised world, and the possession of firearms outside the home is not tolerated.
Police cannot stop any citizen without actually observing them committing an infraction. Police robots have become increasingly common in urban areas in recent years.
Government Feudal Kingdom: current monarch is King John IV.
Noble families each control a portion of the economy or regional government. They send representatives to the “Grand Convocation”, which drafts legislation, selects the monarch and controls the judiciary. The monarch is usually the head of the most influential noble family. He wields executive power and approves legislation.
Capital First Fall
Tourist Sights Weather dome in Firstfall.
Exports Starships, software, robots, consumer goods
Imports Luxury goods, bulk chemicals, specialist metals
Industries Software, electronics, consulting services


Exploration ship -
Exploration date -
Colonised from Earth
Colony ship C-Jammer
Colony date 4512AD

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