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New Home fleet

The most outstanding feature of the Royal Navy is its quite exceptional technological edge over the other navies of the Islands. A Royal Navy spokesman said "we have no choice but to remain at the pinnacle of military technology, we are vastly outnumbered and almost totally surrounded by the French". There is no doubt that ship for ship these are the finest vessels in service in the Islands, but their limited numbers forces them to adopt a primarily defensive role. There has been much rumoring about the purchase of "a quantity" of Battle class destroyers from Sansterre, the exact terms of the deal are not yet public knowledge, but in this one move New Home may have been able to vastly increase it's strength in a very short period of time, but how successful mating high tech systems with essentially outdated hulls and drive systems remains to be seen.

The existence of the "Pendragon" class has been known for some short time, but only very occasional glimpses have been reported, and no data is available regarding these vessels.

The Royal Navy is based on multiples of three, each squadron consisting of three "divisions" of three ships.

Thus there are two meson cruiser squadrons, nine escort squadrons, and six courier squadrons. The role of the Pendragon is not clear, as mentioned above, they do not maintain the usual high profile associated with the Royal Navy.

'Grim Reaper' Class Meson Cruiser.
The most fearsome vessel in the Clusters.

18Grim ReaperMeson CruisersK146CG3-B03300-000E3126AG=6
27HunterDestroyer A9367G2-B00000-0000319AG=6
54HunterIIDestroyer A9367G2-B00000-0000319AG=6
?Battle (ex Sansterre)DestroyerA904562-J00000-0000219AG=4

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