This web-site is far from finished. There's a great deal of material here, but there remains much to do. I'm already working on some new stuff, but there is plenty of scope for you to contribute if you want to.

If you would like to contribute, then let me know, or float your idea on the mailing list.

What's needed...

Most important of all, let me know what you think. Are there any broken links? Is the design of the site clear and logical? Do you have trouble finding your way around? Can you suggest any improvements?

World maps would be great. System diagrams would help the flavour of the 'Worlds' section. I'm sure that I could find a place for any good artwork.

Roleplaying scenarios. The Islands Clusters is a vibrant campaign setting. I'd gladly add well-written scenario ideas or nuggets to the site. You can set events in the 5627AD 'Clusters' War' or at some interesting moment in history.

More cultural descriptions. More histories. Pick a world that's not been written up, and tell us about it. Remember the Clusters spent about a thousand years as a collection of colony worlds, isolated from each other by the vast gulfs of interstellar space. A thousand years is a very long time, let your imagination run riot.

In the pipeline...

Campaign News

There's lots more weekly campaign news to come. I'm releasing it slowly for two reasons. Firstly, it's not all completely ready yet. Secondly, you can have too much of a good thing. Who wants to gorge themself on the whole chocolate cake all at once?


The history of Esperanza is rich and dark. This world was colonised by the arrogant Overlords of New Home after they had been expelled by a popular revolution. What happens when you take away the proles, and only the spoiled upper classes are left? Historic Esperanza is the most horrid, yet compelling place in the Clusters.

The history of Joyeuse is almost as good as that of Esperanza. Joyeuse was colonised from Amondiage, but for the first century it was used as a base by a variety of the colony ships' crews. The dirt-dwelling colonists started soon became under-priviliged second-class citizens. Recipe for trouble, eh?

An extensive, blow-by-blow account of the Belter Threat war, in which Serendip Belt tried to conquer the entire Clusters. Do you think that might be why no one trusts them these days?

I've also got a short history of Besançon and Elysée down in pencil. The colony on Besançon was devastated by a solar flare, and some of the pluckier survivors made it to 'nearby' Elysée. Good for them! Gloire was colonised from Besançon, and I've completed a history of that world too.

People and Culture

I think writing these is my favourite bit.

I've got a description of the strange society on Joyeuse ready to type in. Joyeuse has a very strong military tradition. Most officials like to wear military style uniforms, and the police and armed forces have a penchant for lots of gold braid. They get annoyed if you don't bow to them in the street too. Watch out if you're a tourist!

A fascinating essay on the culture of the colony ships' Crew is virtually ready to go. Bet you can't wait to read about their fascinating religion, the 'Universal Spirituality', and why it makes the Serendip Belters feel that they are better than everyone else?

A description of life on the harsh desert world of Topas.



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