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Amondiage: History

4861-5040AD Colonisation Frenzy

The Asterix was launched amid a fanfare of publicity at the Moot of 4861AD. It carried 25,000 colonists and thousands of tonnes of supplies. The colonists were a mixture of Nomads and lakesiders.

Forty-Three years later (4904AD), Amondiage planted its first colony, on St. Denis. The world had been surveyed 4591-4606AD, and was the closest known habitable world at the time Asterix was launched.

For the next two-hundred years Amondiage went colonization crazy. Three more colonisation ships were built. The Melmoth was launched towards Acadie in 4904AD, the Infinité set out for Sansterre in 4952AD, and La Revolution left for Acadie in 5000AD. For all this time, hardly a decade went by without a colony ship being in orbit around Amondiage - either under construction, or loading. Even the Outward Bound from New Home visited between 4984-4994AD, it left carrying a cargo of Nomads to Acadie and Colchis.

Acadie was visited five times during this period, by various ships. Three separate sets of colonists went there from Amondiage. The world achieved a kind of mythical status in the Amondiagian imagination - its star became a beacon of hope in the night sky.


Voyageur45184552First Landing
Asterix48514861Destination: St. Denis
Melmoth48944904Destination: Acadie
Infinite49424952Destination: Sansterre
Asterix49784989Destination: Colchis (via Acadie)
Outward Bound49844994From New Home
La Revolution49905000Destination: Acadie
Melmoth50165022Destination: Joyeuse
Asterix51205133Destination: Quichotte


Outward Bound49454966Exploration only.
Asterix50065016En route to Colchis
Outward Bound50135019
La Revolution50175035

5022AD The Departure of the Melmoth

The great age of colonisation drew to a close with the departure of the Melmoth for Joyeuse in 5022AD. Somehow this event was a turning point in the fortunes of the people of Amondiage. It heralded the start of the period known as the Clan Wars.

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