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Amondiage: History

4750AD Growth

Eventually the technical sophistication of Amondiagian culture began to grow. The lakesiders had always had technology, but as the Nomads developed a crude manufacturing ability of their own, the settlements’ skill and knowledge began to give them more of a role in wider Amondiage culture.

Nomad manufacturing was based around the Pole (only the Northern hemisphere was inhabited in this period). The Grubbers who farmed the Pole around the Moot season, began to branch out into simple manufacturing. By 4750AD this manufacturing capability was capable of producing vehicles powered by relatively sophisticated internal combustion engines. Slowly, the Nomads began to abandon their horse- and cattle-drawn wagons in favour of chemical-powered vehicles.

The settlements were important in two ways. Firstly they had easiest access to the Amondiage’s crude oil deposits, many of which were located near the temperate lakes and seas. The oil was readily available from the safety of the underground settlements, and pumping could continue year-round. Secondly, the lakesiders had the schools and universities which were needed to drive innovation.

Once a pattern for growth had been established, the economy blossomed. As the Nomads’ sophistication grew, their antipathy with the lakesiders began to wane.

Even though the wealth and sophistication of Amondiage was growing dramatically, there was no attempt to return to world government. The big Clans dominated the Nomad population, and each lakeside settlement governed its own affairs. The World Council remained as a lakesider talking-shop.

Conflict occurred, both between the Nomads and the lakesiders, and between the Clans. But generally this was a time of peaceful growth rather than of warfare. Those who were dissatisfied with life were welcome to go and live in the Southern hemisphere, a new frontier which was opening up around this time.

AD4861 Amondiage launches first ship, Asterix

The Asterix project was conceived by the Med League, a close-knit collection of settlements centred around the small “Med Sea”. The Med League was supported by the powerful Gerard Clan, which dominated the “Med Road”.

The Med League was eager to demonstrate its wealth and technological prowess. With the help of the World Council’s remaining shuttles, they established a presence on the Moon. Within a few decades the outpost had catalysed an interest in space exploration by several of the other settlements. Project Asterix was intended to assert the Med League’s domination of space travel.

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