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Amondiage: History

c. 5200-5438AD The Golden Age

For the next two centuries Amondiage grew and developed into a (relatively) peaceful balkanised world. Occasionally there would be clan wars, but nothing like the devastation of the 5000’s. The conquest of the Southern hemisphere was completed. Population grew towards its modern levels, both amongst the Nomads and especially in the cities. Everywhere, technological advances were making life on Amondiage easier.

The lakeside cities had developed from the mean underground bunkers of the early years into vast and airy caverns, full of greenery. Above ground the great domes were built - air conditioned crystal hemispheres that allowed the city-dwellers to walk in the sunshine even in the frozen depths of winter or the baking heights of summer.

The lakesiders developed ocean-going hydroponic farms which could feed them all year round. Eventually these developed into wholly self-sufficient ocean-going cities, similar to those found in Sansterre’s teeming oceans.

Nomads too, developed an easier way of life. By the end of the Golden Age, most had abandoned their cattle rearing lifestyle. A vast array of fusion-powered grav-vehicles, mostly guided by automatic beacons and steered by computer, ferried the Nomads slowly along their ancestral migratory Roads. Some of these vehicles were true behemoths - up to a mile long, they could house thousands of people, or whole manufacturing complexes.

5438-5512AD The Civic War

As the cities expanded their importance and influence grew. Around 5400AD the population of the cities surpassed that of the Nomad clans. In the past, the cities had stood together behind the World Council - their unified voice. Their differences were overshadowed by the overwhelmingly superior numbers of Nomads.

In 5438AD, growing dissent amongst the members of the World Council erupted in civil war. This time it was the Nomads’ turn to stand back and watch their neighbours killing each other.

The Civic war was fought with conventional weapons, terrorism and subversion. Tens of millions died. Eventually a single victor emerged. The Northern Republic started as an alliance of some of the largest and most advanced cities in Amondiage’s Northern hemisphere. By the time it had seized suzerainty over all of Amondiage’s remaining cities, it had become an autocratic military dictatorship.

5507-5542AD The Belter Threat

The Belter Threat was not keenly felt by Amondiage. The distant concerns of other world did not really interest a population who had wars closer to home to worry about.

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