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Amondiage: History

5030-5133AD The Clan Wars

The Clan Wars started as a set of blood feuds between a number of influential clans. The conflict started as a series of minor-seeming skirmishes between bands of youthful clan members, but it soon mushroomed into open warfare between the clan hierarchies.

The three clans most associated with the warfare were the Loire River clan, the Herve clan and the Gerards. In essence, these three powerful groups were fighting over control of the planet. Eventually all of the other clans came to be aligned in one way or another with one of the “big three”.

The Clan wars were fought with almost every imaginable weapon, with the notable exception of nuclear bombs. Although all of the big clans had stocks of nukes, and orbital platforms from which to launch them, none was ever used.

Most of the lakeside cities stayed neutral throughout the wars. A few cities were induced to take sides early on, and learned to their cost that their fixed location made them especially vulnerable. By 5060AD the World Council had built up a coordinated nuclear deterrent, and declared itself to be officially neutral. This protected the cities from the worst atrocities of the war.

By 5120AD, the power of the big clans was beginning to wane. The lesser clans were starting to break away from the big three blocks, many to ally themselves with cities, whose peace and relative prosperity was beginning to seem more attractive to the war weary Nomad peoples.

In this year, the Asterix returned from Colchis to pick up more colonists. Such was the demand for places, that the 5121AD Northern Moot (Moots were held in the Southern hemisphere too by now, but they were not considered as important) decided that their would be a global lottery for places.

5133AD Quichotte Colonisation ship launched.

The departure of the Asterix for Quichotte in 5133AD signaled the start of a more peaceful chapter in Amondiage history. The economy slowly recovered from the Clan wars. By 5200AD the recovery was more-or-less complete.

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