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Gazetteer : Esperanza

Esperanza (NI-0106, A674ABC-B) was colonised by the exiled Overlord class from New Home. Strife and warfare have characterised the world’s entire history. The 11 billion inhabitants crowded onto this small planet are controlled by a violent and repressive police state. The recent coup has merely replaced one xenophobic and religiously bigoted régime with another that is perhaps even more authoritarian.
Despite Esperanza’s relatively backward technology, the world’s huge population and economic might have made it the most important of the Clusters’ Great Powers.


Asteroid Belt -
Gravity 0.7
Atmosphere Tainted. (industrial pollutants)
Oceans 38% water
Day Length 18 hours
Year Length 4.9 years (gas giant moon)


Population 11,300m
Language English
Religion Christian (Puritan)
Law Level A bewildering array of agencies monitor or control almost every aspect of life on Esperanza.
Individuals who wish to travel between districts are required to apply to the “Migration Office” for a permit.
A permit is required to own or make use of; telephones, televisions, the global net, any motorised vehicle, any computer programming language, any technical item more advanced than TL9, and a host of other items. These rules apply to visitors just as to Esperanzans.
Obtaining a permit or license is often a lengthy, not to say expensive procedure.
Everyone must carry an identity card. Cards must be shown to a security guard on entry to most buildings, and before making a purchase. Visitors are issued cards at passport control, and are not exempt from any of the rules.
Government Dictatorship, officially “The Commonwealth of Esperanza”.
“The Thatcher” recently rose to absolute power after a violent coup. The Thatcher appoints judges and may overturn their decisions. The indirectly elected “Parliament” has no real power.
Grand Admiral Rippley (overall military commander) controls an alternate power structure, not subject to the Thatcher.
Tourist Sights There are a number of ancient Batwing cities open to the public. The Batwings were the indiginous inhabitants of Esperanza. Despite their alarming appearance, the Batwings were a peaceful race. Unfortunately, many zealous Esperanzans believed them to be devils and they were eradicated within a few centuries of the colony’s foundation.
Exports Starships, weapons
Imports Computers, power plants
Industries Mining, Heavy industry, construction


Exploration ship C-Jammer
Exploration date 4750AD
Colonised from New Home
Colony ship Vanderveken
Colony date 4942AD

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