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Esperanzan fleet

The Esperanzan Navy is greatly hampered by its relatively low level of technology as compared to the rest of the Islands, however its vast numerical advantage still makes it a very dangerous opponent. The recent coup does not seem to have resulted in any detrimental effects as far as the Navy is concerned.

The reader's attention must be drawn to two particularly interesting designs, firstly, the 99998 ton Fleet Courier design. Apparently this designation has been attributed to a spelling mistake by the Thatcher, when the original design was drafted, the officer who pointed out this error is now serving in a penal battalion of the jump troops. Secondly, the much rumoured Troop class which may possibly signify the quantum leap in technology that the remainder of the Islands has feared for so long.

The Esperanzan Navy consists of 5 fleets and The Home Fleet, each of which is sub-divided into The Right Wing, The Left Wing, and The Centre. The exact allocation of ships to each fleet is somewhat unclear, with the exception of The Home Fleet which it would appear has most of the older vessels allocated to it.

Hessletine Class Missile Escort
Photographed during the recent revolutionary war.

90MajorPAW BattlecruiserP1257E[3]3-59[19]0000-7[20]4[19]K06[28]AG=5
25KingPAW BattleshipP1235E[3]3-A9[30]0000-7[19]4[19]K06[19]AG=3
22CurrieMeson BattlecruiserP1256E[3]3-59[40]0000-3[12]3[12]0B4[12]AG=5
8ParkinsonMeson BattleshipP1234E[3]3-A9[40]0000-2[12]2[12]0B2[4]AG=3
73NottMissile CruiserP1234E[3]3-B9[14]0000-2[12]2[36]008[38]AG=3
52BritonPAW CruiserP1235E[3]3-B9[40]0000-007[20]02[10]AG=3
1450TebbitPAW / Missile DestroyerK1267E[3]3-43[9]0000-2[3]2[8]707[8]AG=6
230HessletineMissile EscortF3267E[3]3-430000-02002[58] AG=6
10Fleet CourierFleet TenderQ7267E[3]4-09[60]0004[10]-8[10]6[10]006[A]AG=6
5FightFighter TenderQ7267E[3]4-09[60]0004[10]-8[10]6[10]006[A]AG=6
60FuelBUnpowered Fuel TankerQ7201E[3]3-09[50]0004[20]-8[15]6[15]000AG=0
25TomPAW SDB BattleshipP3068E[3]3-99[19]0000-4[18]2[18]K07[16]AG=6
50JohnMissile SDB CruiserN3067E[3]3-A3[36]0000-2[12]2[32]008[36]AG=6
20LeonPAW SDB CruiserP3068E[3]3-A9[16]0000-3[18]2[24]7[5]08[17]AG=6
20NormanMissile SDB DestroyerK3067E[3]3-A4[8]0000-3[8]2[8]008[8]AG=6
20MichaelMissile SDB EscortsF3067E[3]3-A4[9]0000-02[2]002[50]AG=6
50RetributionAuxiliary Meson ShipK7214E[3]3-000000-000B0AG=0
25R.B.S.Robot BattlestationN9002E[2]0-G9[18]0000-00K08[18]AG=0
160TroopTroop Carrier / Lander???????-??????-???T?AG=?

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