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Gazetteer : Neubayern

Neubayern (OI-0202, A7889C9-C) was one of the original three worlds settled from Earth. Neubayern’s German-speaking colonists were fractious and warlike throughout most of their history. The conflicts culminated in the Great War of 5258 AD; the Clusters’ only full scale nuclear war. In the centuries since then, Neubayern recovered and grew into a profit-hungry industrial power.
Fifteen years ago, Neubayern’s proletariat rose up and overthrew their corporate rulers. Today, the world’s highly popular Communist state preaches expansion of the Revolution out into other worlds. Neubayern’s Communists have continued the world’s industrial successes, and have built up a powerful space navy. The Clusters’ other Great Powers view developments on Neubayern warily.


Asteroid Belt -
Gravity 0.9
Atmosphere Good
Oceans 80% water
Climate Temperate: 9..11°C
No significant seasons. Unusually high cloud cover.
Day Length 34 hours
Year Length 3.6 years
Flora Coniferous forest. Some grassland and rainforest near the equator.


Population 2,230m
Language German
Religion None
Religion is officially frowned upon by the Communist government. The world has a history of Protestant Christian worship.
Government Communist.
The Executive Council of People’s Commissars lead by Karl Hoganstein wields absolute power. Commissars are appointed for life by a consensus amongst Party and People’s Navy Secretariats. Once selected, they can only be dismissed by a majority vote of the full Executive Council.
Tourist Sights The ancient ruins of Neumünchen, the world’s first city.
The most famous building is the massive “Mausoleum of Julius III”. Built with slave labour over a thousands years ago, this vast cubical building stands approximately 70 metres in height, and was originally faced with polished basalt.
Exports Petrochemicals, plastics, woods, food, industrial machinery
Imports Manufactured goods, specialist metals, software, power plants
Industries Agriculture, chemical processing, heavy industry.


Exploration ship -
Exploration date -
Colonised from Earth
Colony ship Marianus van der Lubbe
Colony date 4516AD

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