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Neubayern fleet

The Peoples Navy of Neubayern has adopted a particularly unusual method of overcoming the age old problem of achieving an acceptable degree of armour to enable even small vessels to stand in the line of battle. The use of planetoids to provide hulls is by no means a new idea, but to construct over 90% of a navy's vessels in this manner is most unusual. This configuration also opens up a whole range of possible covert operations due to the notorious difficulties in detecting this type of vessel. These vessels make a most interesting comparison to those of the Joyeuse Navy.

The Molatov class has recently been renamed the Engels class, as the PNN considered the former name to be overly provocative, and politically inappropriate considering the basically inoffensive nature of the craft.

The PNN has adopted a system of organisation that consists of ten fleets of approximately equal strength. The exact location of the Apocalypse class is obviously a closely guarded secret.

'Trotsky' class frigate cruising in a gas giant atmosphere.
[courtesy of People's Navy of Neubayern]

 (Renamed 'Molotov' Class)

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