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Gazetteer : Joyeuse

Joyeuse (NI-0808, A7899B9-C) was an early magnate for sub-light colony ships. The colony’s early history was dominated by the Ships and their Crew. A highly polarised society quickly developed. Educated Crew-class lived a modern high-tech life, whilst French-speaking colonists eked out a miserable existence in the fields. When the Ships left, the authoritarian police state survived.
Today, the Empire of Joyeuse is governed by an austere and repressive military class, with L’Empreur Pallois at its head.


Asteroid Belt -
Gravity 0.8
Atmosphere Good
Oceans 85% water
Climate Cool: -2..20°C
Day Length 22 hours
Year Length 43 days


Population 950m
Language French
Religion Christian (Roman Catholic)
Law Level Most of Joyeuse is strictly policed by a number of military agencies.
Citizens who are well dressed and defer to police officers in the correct manner are rarely troubled. Non-conformists, and “troublemakers” are often subject to extra-judicial beatings.
Government Empire.
Capital Piedmont
Tourist Sights Palace des Étoiles, grav-suspended palace of Empreur Pallois.
Nouvelle Geneve, a city tunnelled into 4000m tall basalt cliffs. The cliff tops are renowned as a fabulous skiing resort.
Crystal Plaza in Val d’Ives


Exploration ship Marianus van der Lubbe
Exploration date 4983AD
Colonised from Amondiage
Colony ship Melmoth
Colony date 5105AD

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