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Sansterre: History

5552AD The World Federation

The aftermath of the Belter Threat saw an opening up of Sansterre to trade and influence from the other Cluster’s worlds. The water-world’s major powers responded by setting up the World Federation in 5552AD to present a unified front to the new interstellar community.

The Federal Council oversaw matters of global importance. For example, space exploitation, trade treaties and cultural exchanges. The Federation was an extremely weak body. It had no power to interfere with any member state. Member states were even free to bypass the Federal Council and negotiate trade treaties of their own.

Many parts of Sansterre didn’t join the World Federation at the outset, and even today many of the smaller jurisdictions have no connection with the Federation.

5560-5602AD “World Government” develops

The 5560’s saw the Federal Council dominated by representatives from states with left of centre governments. Liberal political parties from around the world formed the Christian Socialist Alliance, to further their common cause.

The new political alliance controlled the Federal Council and slowly, but surely embarked upon a unified programme of social renewal and closer co-operation between states.

In 5581AD the Christian Socialist Alliance announced the creation of a Unified Defence Corps manned by military personnel from seven of Sansterre’s largest states. The UDC was controlled through the World Federation. It existed to defend Sansterre from outside aggression, and to control space within the La Mère system.

Eight years later, control of the Federal Council had fallen to a new right wing grouping; the Liberal Democratic Alliance. This new grouping swiftly moved to harmonise taxation and reduce trade barriers between Federal member states. The World Court was given powers to prevent individual states from reversing the decrees of the World Government without the approval of the Federal Council.

In 5602AD, fifty-one states signed the Freedom Charter, which guarantees individuals freedom of movement and domicile between member states. This treaty covers 80% of Sansterre’s population.

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