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New Home: History

5432-5506AD The Grand Convocation

In 5432AD most of New Home’s governments and great industrial families met at the “Grand Convocation”. The aim of this huge conference was to recreate a world government on New Home.

It was decided that a loose federation of all powerful voices on New Home would form, behind a re-formed Royal family. The head of state would be more of a figurehead than a strong leader. The title of Emperor was rejected as it was associated with the absolute power of the Dictators. Instead New Home’s head of state was to be called “King”.

The position of King is inherited, but subject to the approval of the Convocation. The Convocation itself remains as the chief source of authority on New Home.

This loose world government has proved stable, and survives to this day. The power of the King is great, but it is tempered by the influence of the Great Families. The Families have consolidated their power over industry and regional government. Each Family typically controls one or more regions or industrial conglomerates.

5507-5542AD The Belter Threat

New Home’s world government faced it’s greatest threat to date with the arrival of the Belter Threat. The world watched, impotent as Serendip Belt began to subjugate the Clusters.

Of all the worlds of the clusters, New Home was closest to developing jump drive independently when the Imperial Scout Service gave them the technology. There is a general feeling that New Home was cheated of the chance to prove itself against the Belters.

New Home played an important part in the Independent Clusters Alliance which fought the Belters between 5533-40AD. The other main contributors to the Alliance were New Colchis and Joyeuse.

5543AD- Modern Times

King John III and his son, the present King John IV capitalised on the patriotic fervour that the Belter threat engendered. New Home’s military has been built up to the point where it considerably outclasses anything that the other Clusters worlds have to offer.

John III invented the New Home military tradition in the years after the Concordat of Topas. He formed regiments and squadrons, and shamelessly named them after 19th & 20th Century British military units. At the same time, royal propaganda began to hark back to the ‘great’ days of the British Empire. New Home, and the Royal family are the inheritors of this ‘glorious’ tradition, it is claimed.

Today, New Home’s xenophobia has reached its highest ever pitch. Nationalism and patriotism are powerful forces. New Home’s neighbours watch uneasily as King John’s speeches proclaim ever more vocally that New Homers are superior to their neighbours, that New Home is ideally placed to rule the Clusters...

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