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New Colchis: History

5507-5542AD The Belter Threat

The New Colchis warrior class fought against the Belters very bravely. The Serendip Belt Corporation formed an alliance with House Gauranga, and used them as an excuse for a virtual invasion.

The NecNav was formed to face the Belters, and an extensive series of planetary defences were created in just a few short years. The Serendip Belt Navy attacked in force in 5530AD, and was pushed back by heroic system defence boat crews and the incomplete planetary defence network.

This great success, and the King & Queen’s sound management of the crisis brought New Colchis society together, behind the Kingdom and their monarchs. Gauranga was severely undermined by the Belters’ failure, and their entire territory had been conquered by the time the Concordat of Topas was signed in 5542AD.

5542AD- Modern Times

In the decades following the Belter Threat, the remaining independent districts of New Colchis have been peacefully incorporated into the Kingdom. The vast majority of New Colchians are happy to leave government to the King and Queen. Most are Wheelies, and therefore believe the official line that the same two people have continuously ruled for hundreds of year. The King and Queen have much greater experience of power than anyone else on New Colchis, so they are obviously the best people for the job.

The current ruler is the handsome, 45 year old King Magnus VII. This Magnus had a distinguished military career in his youth. He saw action in 5602, when the Herzenlust garrison rebelled. His then wife, old Queen Sujata IV was happy to bestow the Lotus of Honour, the Kingdom’s second highest medal for gallantry, upon her young husband.

The old queen died in 5611, and 10 million subjects attended her funeral. The service, and cremation were watched on tridee by virtually the entire population.

Magnus VII has ruled ever since. Every passing year has seen his popularity rise. The young Queen Sujata is still only 16 years old, too young to take her place by his side as co-ruler.

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