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Neubayern: History

5450-5524AD World Revolution & the Communist Threat.

A series of economic slumps in 5450-70 catalysed the “World Revolution”. Communism’s time had finally come, or so it seemed. Throughout the World, people became disillusioned with the inequalities and insecurities of capitalism.

Many important nations turned to communism, either through democracy or violent revolution. Capitalists across the planet resisted the rising tide with increasingly desperate measures. Oppressive laws and detention without trial became commonplace, as dictatorial régimes tried to hold the line against the communist “threat” posed by their own people.

The police states stove to subvert or undermine their neighbours. Politicians and workers’ leaders were routinely assassinated. Counterrevolutionary terrorists received illegal arms shipments and training. There were a series of wars, growing in intensity as the years passed. Small brushfire wars between poorly equipped proxy armies were a constant feature of the times.

Despite this global ideological conflict, there was a widespread refusal to build nuclear weapons. The people of Neubayern had learned something, at least, from The Great War. Whenever a rogue nation set about arming itself with nukes, both communists and capitalists rose up and crushed them. Erstwhile enemies were united by their terror of nuclear war.

By the early 56th Century most of the capitalist régimes had coalesced into six super-blocs, each with its own flavour of oppressive or authoritarian government. The communists remained fragmented and weak.

5524-5542AD The Belter Threat.

Neubayern was a prime target for the Belters’ expansionist agenda. The dictatorial super-blocs were highly susceptible to the malign influence of the Serendip Belt Corporation.

The Ostwald Coalition and Pacifika formed formal alliances with the Belters, who supplied them with advanced weapons. Backed by the Belt Corporation Navy, they attacked the Atlantis Republik in 5533AD. The Belters supported them with sustained orbital bombardment of Atlantis and Thule throughout 5535-36AD.

When the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service arrived and gave jump drive technology to the Atlantis Republik and Thule, these two nations joined the Independent Islands Alliance to oppose the Belters. Unfortunately they were too preoccupied with fending off their enemies at home to contribute much to the Alliance Navy.

In 5537AD the Alliance Navy attacked the Belter fleet at Neubayern, and drove them off. Five years later, all of the six Neubayern super-blocs were signatories to the Concordat of Topas.

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