Petrol Price Demonstrators are Idiots!

These petrol price protesters really really annoy me. For the first time in years the whole country has gone so thoroughly, embarrassingly mad that I’ve felt like leaving. Just upping sticks and leaving the country until sanity has re-asserted itself.

Petrol isn’t too expensive - it’s too cheap. Far far too cheap. Every litre of petrol we burn pumps carbon dioxide into our atmosphere and pollutants into our towns and cities. I live in London - the lowest major city in the World. The selfish idiots blockading refineries might as well carry big placards saying, “We don’t give a stuff about Global Warming” and “Who cares if our children have to grow up in six feet of flood water”.

The whole spectacle just makes me sick.

We must inevitably move towards a situation where there is no petrol. Sorry, but that means lorry drivers will be out of a job. If economic times were hard, then I’d be right behind generous aid to help them retrain and find new jobs. But the economy’s booming, they could find other work easily - there’s a huge shortage of train drivers!

I applaud this government (and the last) for bravely trying to move us steadily towards using less and less petrol. The best way of doing that is to make petrol more and more expensive. I look around and I see parents taking their children to school in huge 4-wheel drives and people movers. If they can afford that, then petrol is still too cheap - way too cheap.

“But high petrol prices just hit the poor” say whingers. Nonsense! I may have a good job now, but I used to be poor - living on social security, counting up the weekly shopping to the penny. I can tell you that the last thing on my mind was expensive petrol. I couldn’t even dream of having a car whilst living on benefit. Most people in this country do not own a car. Those who do are the better off. Tax on fuel taxes the wealthy; the selfish 3-car, ferry-our-kids-to-school families - what could be fairer than that?

And what are farmers doing protesting?? Farmers don’t even pay fuel duty!

What makes this whole situation worse is the pathetic attitude of many, many drivers. Oh look - a queue at a petrol station - lets join it! Where is their self respect, their dignity? They’re just lemmings following the herd. It’s a sad, sad spectacle.

Just GROW UP, the lot of you!